Chatty Agent Features

We do one thing and do it well. Chat. Check out what comes with the Chatty Agent product.

  • 24 Hours a Day 24 hours, 7 days a week, holidays included our chat agents are trained to extract leads from your website.

  • Immediate Email Notification Once we finish a chat the leads information name (phone or email) are emailed to you immediately for follow up.

  • Custom Website Messages You can configure the message the visitor is greeted with. Get as custom as you like!

  • Easy Website Integration Just add a few lines of javascript to the footer of your website and you're done.

  • Mobile Ready Our chat system works on mobile enabled website as well. People can chat on their phone too!

  • Located in the USA Our well trained team is located all across the USA and knows the ins and outs of real estate.

Meet the Chat Team

  • John Hallsten John Hallsten (JD) Chat Supervisor

    I am an avid outdoors man, love to hike, climb, and spend time in the woods with my dogs. When not working or playing in the outdoors, I am a Fireman and EMT on our local volunteer fire department.

  • Danette Kekahio Danette Kekahio Chat Specialist

    I enjoy the Ocean and love hanging out near the water with Family and Friends. Yard work and gardening..any time! I currently operate a Bed & Breakfast with my Husband and our buddy, our dog Mason.

  • Tim Olson Tim Olson Chat Specialist

    Avid reader and PC enthusiast, my free time is spent with a book or keyboard in hand. Otherwise, I enjoy good cooked meals, historic fencing manuals, and my growing collection of medieval arms and armor.

  • Zack Geisler Zack Geisler Chat Specialist

    A lifetime gamer and lover of exploring the wilderness and spending time outside. I also paint miniatures in my free time when I am not exploring the cities and wilderness of Oregon.

  • Newton Kekahio Newton Kekahio Chat Specialist

    Sports enthusiast and avid Golfer, who enjoys the outdoors. Love the Great American Classics, just completed a total restoration on a 1969 Camaro..what a beauty!

  • Jeff Olson Jeff Olson Chat Specialist

    I love playing music, specifically Bass guitar, and enjoy blowing glass on a daily basis. I grew up in a computer enthusiast environment and have enjoyed working on and building PC's since I was a young boy.

  • David Kekahio David Kekahio Chat Specialist

    I'm a avid listener and dominating competitor in extreme sports like X Games. When at home i spend most my time making silver jewelry out of silver clay. My free time i enjoy playing online Texas hold'em.

  • Shirley Aschwanden Shirley Aschwanden Chat Specialist

    My friends, family and cat are the most important things. I love horses, hot mocha and Ghost Adventures. I stay active but try to avoid the word exercise. My cat's name is Lulu and we're buds.

  • Chad Wolford Chad Wolford Chat Specialist

    I am an equally outdoors and indoors kinda guy. When I'm inside, I'm playing games, reading books on my phone, watching Netflix on my Xbox or listening to music. While outside, I'm either at the beach, window shopping or just driving around the beautiful cities of San Diego County.

  • Quintin Williams Quintin Williams Chat Specialist

    I was born in Hawaii, I am a world traveler and swimmer. In winter time I like to go snowboarding and having fun with my friends. Music is also a big part of my life can't live without it.

  • Quintin Williams Krystal Molina Chat Specialist (Espanol)

    I am a simple girl, I love to read, watch movies, t.v. with my husband. I like to think I am a young girl of 28 years with an old soul. My family is most important to me. I am committed to what I do.

Recent Testimonials

  • Before chatty agent, I would get one or two leads off my website every month. Now I'm doing over one chat a day! This is great!

  • We have been using Chatty Agent on our website for over 2 years. We sold at least 5 homes directly from chat and many more indirectly through relationships they started for us.

  • We used to try hosting chat ourself, but we would only be only a few hours a day and honestly whats worse then a chat that says, 'sorry we are not available'. Get Chatty Agent and say good buy to, 'sorry we are not available'.

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